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Youth Rallying Cry

 To the youth of Vermont, the United States and the World; the quality of our lives and the world in which we live is being dictated by older generations who have irresponsibly depleted the earth's natural resources and destroyed the environment in the process. It has become clear that despite the efforts of many brilliant minds to change these practices, those who have the power to cause any positive change have shown a willful disregard for the health of our planet and for future generations. Therefore, it is up to us, (the ones who have the most to lose from these irresponsible practices) to instigate the actions and the change that previous generations have been unwilling to.

 There is one word that seems to be absent from discussions on our energy future. That word is sustainability: How can we live in a way that does not have an adverse effect on our planet? For centuries, we have been unsustainably extracting the wealth of the earth in almost every area; fishing, logging, agriculture, and through the use of fossil fuels. We are now feeling the effects of these unsustainable practices. Our oceans are nearly out of fish, our forests are disappearing, our soil is being depleted of its nutrients, and we are nearing the end of our current energy sources. Unless we begin to live sustainably, and begin now, we will face a devastating collapse of the earth's ecosystem.

 The best way to avoid such a disaster is for our generation to enact sustainable practices on a local level, while simultaneously moving towards the larger goal of living in harmony with our environment. There is no blanket solution, but we need to start searching for sustainable energy solutions, and then putting those solutions to use in one's community while also communicating with those from other areas who have the same goals.

 The state of Vermont is in the unique position of being both relatively open to and ecologically fit for more sustainable energy practices. This is not the case everywhere else, but there are options for everyone that wishes to create a more sustainable way of life in their community. Our generation must begin to act now by getting involved in the political process, conducting research and promoting sustainability. We must make it known that we will no longer allow the inaction of our current leaders to deny us a livable future. We must stop being irresponsible with our earth and begin to be actively sustainable.