Vermont Sustainable Heating Initiative

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The following are some exciting facts on wood pellets! We believe as we develop a mature wood pellet industry through small scale co-opeartives wood pellets can become more affordable, more convenient, and significantly greener!
  • Affordable!
    • 1/2 the cost of fuel oil
    • Less than 1/2 the cost of propane!
    • Capital cost of switching to wood pellet heating can be as cheap as $1600.

  • Convenient!
    • Manageable for the elderly!
    • You can leave your home for extended periods of time.
    • Offers thermostat and temperature controled heating.

  • Safe!
    • Insurable in Mobile Homes
    • No Chimney fires
    • Not hot to the touch like woodstoves.
    • If spilled, wood pellets are non-toxic.

  • Clean Emissions!
    • 99.9% Combustion Efficiency, anything that can be burned is burned.
    • No aromatic hydrocarbons (creosote)
    • If pellets are high quality, particulate emissions are very low.

  • Mature Technology & Industry!
    • Wood pellet heating equipment, specifically pellet stoves are easy to install, maintain and fix.
    • Wood pellets are used worldwide.

  • Green!
    • Pellets can be purchased in 1 ton reusable bags and stored in silos or other containers. This will reduce the need for plastic.
    • Wood is a local resource in Vermont.
    • Purchasing pellets through a business with high environmental standards, will ensure long term health and sustainability of the resource and ecosystem.